How To Access Our Services

Finding quality human services for yourself, or for someone you love, can be a complicated process. Whether you’re seeking assistance with mental health challenges, treatment for substance abuse, services for children or adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities, resources for someone who is dealing with homelessness, or adult day health services for an elder, Bay Cove wants to help make accessing services easier.

Accessing Mental Health Services

At Bay Cove, many of our Mental Health Services are only available to people who are eligible to receive support through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH). These include our ACCS Housing and Rehabilitation Services and PACT (Program for Assertive Community Treatment) program. To be approved for services through DMH, a person must have a qualifying psychiatric condition as the primary disorder that requires on-going treatment and must meet functional impairment and illness duration criteria. To learn whether you, or your loved one in need of services, meets DMH criteria click here.

To access an application for DMH Service Authorization, please click here. Once a person receives DMH service authorization, they will then refer the person to specific service(s), which may or may not be operated by Bay Cove, based on the person’s assessed needs, their location, and other criteria. For more information about the DMH Service Authorization Process, call the DMH Information and Referral Line at 1-800-221-0053 or visit their website.

Some of Bay Cove’s Mental Health Services are able to be accessed by self-referral. These services include: Emergency Mental Health Services and Clubhouses and our Recovery Learning Centers.

Our Emergency Mental Health Services are available to the general public, and are covered by a number of health insurers. To learn more about these services, click here.

Clubhouses are available to anyone who is eligible to receive services through the DMH. If a person is ineligible for DMH services, they may still apply for Clubhouse services directly at the Clubhouse they would like to attend. To learn more about these services, click here.

All services, groups, classes, and activities at our Recovery Learning Centers are open to people who identify as having a psychiatric condition. Services are free of charge. To learn more about these services, click here.

Accessing Long Term Support Services

At Bay Cove, our Long Term Support Services are available to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are eligible to receive support through several different partners and funders, including the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the Massachusetts Department of Children and Family, the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, the Massachusetts Department of Education, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and various cities and towns. Additionally, all services are eligible for private pay.

To be approved for services through DDS Services, a person must have a qualifying intellectual or developmental disability, be 18 years or older, and live in Massachusetts. Once determined eligible, DDS will coordinate referrals to Bay Cove and other appropriate service providers. For more information about the DDS Eligibility Process, you can call the DDS Central Office at 617-727-5608 or visit their website.

For more information about eligibility and services, please contact Mary Jo Cooper at 617-371-3016.

Accessing Addiction Services

Most of Bay Cove’s continuum of Addiction Services allow individuals in need of treatment to self-refer. In order to access our Detoxification Services, Transitional Support Services, Medication for Addiction Treatment and Counseling or Emergency Shelter for individuals dealing with homelessness and active addiction, simply click on the links to the appropriate pages for contact information.

Accessing Child and Family Services

Referrals to our EI program can be made by a child’s parents, pediatricians, nurses or other care providers, either by calling 617-371-3010, or by filling out our online form. An in-depth evaluation is then scheduled with our multidisciplinary developmental assessment team, which determines eligibility for services.

The right to receive Early Intervention services is a federally mandated entitlement for all children who qualify. PLEASE NOTE: There is no direct charge to families for Early Intervention services. Services are billed to the family’s health insurance, or to the Department of Public Health for children with no insurance.

For more information about Early Intervention service or our Small Wonders Nursery School, please call Amanda Kasica at 617-371-3010.

Accessing Adult Day Health Services

Applications for Bay Cove’s Adult Day Health services can be obtained by calling our ADH programs at 617-533-9214.

Accessing Housing and Homeless Services

Most of Bay Cove’s continuum of Housing & Homeless Services allow for individuals in need of assistance to self-refer. For information about accessing the Boston Night Center, Cambridge Warming Center (seasonal), Cardinal Medeiros Center, FirstStep, the CASPAR Emergency Shelter, or Housing Services, simply click on the respective program links.

Accessing Healthcare Integration Services

Bay Cove’s Healthcare Integration Services (comprised of the CCA One Care Behavioral Health Home and the Community Partner Program) are only available to individuals who are insured through the state’s MassHealth program. Membership in the Health Home also requires that individuals be Medicaid recipients.

Those who meet these baseline criteria can learn more about accessing the Health Home by clicking here or by calling Nisha Mehta at 617-619-5920.

To learn more about accessing our Community Partner Program, click here, or call Rachel Harkleroad at 617-533-9243.