Adult Community Clinical Services

Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) is a comprehensive, clinically focused service anchored by a multi-disciplinary team that provides clinical coverage 24/7/365 via an Integrated Team led by clinical staff. ACCS Integrated Teams provide clinical interventions and peer and family support, in order to facilitate engagement, support functioning, and maximize symptom stabilization and self-management of individuals residing in all settings. In addition to Integrated Teams, ACCS provides a range of housing options which serve as treatment settings to assist individuals in developing skills and establishing the natural supports and resources to live successfully in the community.

ACCS is rooted in evidence-based practices. Clinicians lead Integrated Teams to work with persons served to develop person-centered, trauma-informed treatment plans utilizing these evidence-based practices to assist individuals in achieving their recovery goals, improved health, and greater self-sufficiency. For many, this means a place to live, a job, and involvement ion community and family activities.

ACCS Mission

  • A commitment to engagement—forming a genuine alliance with the person served that goes beyond a “cookie cutter” approach.

  • Understanding that a person’s culture, family relationships, dimensions of wellness, and experience shape their perception of the world and confidence in treatment providers.

  • Providing access to innovative and evidence-based approaches delivered by a highly trained workforce representative of the diverse backgrounds of the people we serve.

  • Creating a culture of recovery with significant peer representations through all levels of leadership.

  • Working with a sense of urgency—a person’s progress should never be delayed due to staff availability or timelines.

The clinical services provided in ACCS include:

  • Individualized rehabilitation and recovery services to help each participant achieve and maintain…

    • Sustained engagement and participation in services

    • Housing in independent settings

    • Community tenure without interruption by hospitalization, incarceration or other institutional setting

    • Achievement of greater symptom stabilization and self-management leading to greater self-sufficiency

    • Satisfaction with services and treatment outcomes

    • Successful transition to other appropriate DMH services and community programs utilizing natural supports

  • Individualized care coordinated by a member of an Engagement Team committed to:

    • Partnering with individuals to create a plan with meaningful goals chosen by the person served

    • Personal contact in a participant’s own home or at a place of his/her choosing

    • Helping with coordination of various elements of care and support, including psychiatry/medications, psychotherapy, day support services, legal assistance, primary medical care, housing, and employment.

    • Providing access to individualized career services, including assistance with getting and keeping a job, career planning, education, and job training.

    • Peer support services—access to regular contact with someone who has had his or her own experience with mental health services

  • Housing supports, including access to…

    • Direct assistance in finding and moving into an apartment or furnished room

    • Facilitating access to rental assistance

    • Small group support in community based settings with varying levels of staff on-site

    • Successful transitions to the level which provides just the right balance of support and independence for each participant

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Prospective participants in the ACCS service must be evaluated for eligibility and referred by the Massachusetts DMH.
To learn about accessing services, click here for an application form.

Phone: 800-221-0053