Andrew House Treatment Centers

Bay Cove's Andrew House Treatment Centers are acute treatment facilities that provide withdrawal management services to individuals over 18 years old who need short-term detoxification from alcohol, benzodiazepines, heroin, and other opiates.

Referrals to our Andrew House programs can come from a variety of sources--including hospital emergency rooms, community mental health centers, soup kitchens and shelter-based clinics. We also accept self-referrals from individuals seeking detox treatment.


Andrew House Boston is a 32-bed facility located at 170 Morton St., Jamaica Plain, on the 4th Floor South of Shattuck Hospital. The program for men provides medically-supervised detoxification treatment, as well as addiction education, smoking cessation support, and information about post-detox resources and referrals.


Andrew House Stoughton is a 37-bed facility located on the third floor of the CuraHealth Hospital at 909 Sumner St., Stoughton. The program specializes in treating men who, in addition to substance use disorder, may also be living with mental health disorders, HIV+/AIDS, using more than one substance, or may be receiving medication for addiction treatment.

ANDREW HOUSE clinical stabilization services (CSS)- STOUGHTON

Andrew House Stoughton also offers Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS), which provide post-detox, short-term (typically about 14 days), voluntary inpatient treatment and care coordination. These services aim to stabilize the physical and emotional impacts of substance use within a structured recovery learning environment and serve as a link between acute treatment services (detoxification) and further treatment.

Admissions, referrals & contact Info

Andrew House admits patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Admission to the program requires a call to our intake department at 617-318-5600 (Boston) or 781-232-5500 (Stoughton).