Bay Cove Treatment Center for Opiate Addiction

The Bay Cove Treatment Center is an addiction treatment center focusing on opiate addicted clients. The Center provides intensive, seven-day-a-week outpatient treatment to IV drug users. Clients receive medical assessments, daily dosing with methadone medication, weekly individual and group counseling, and comprehensive substance use disorder education. Case management and referral services are regularly provided.

Special populations served include people living with HIV/AIDS, individuals with poly-substance use disorders, pregnant women, patients with a co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder, and heroin users who are homeless.

The Bay Cove Treatment Center uses a system which incorporates four Phases of Treatment, each of which is less intensive than the previous phase. Using this model, the client moves at his/her individual pace, from the assessment phase to the active phase, to the stabilization phase, and finally to the transition phase, which involves either extended methadone maintenance or medically supervised withdrawal to a drug-free status.

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Individuals seeking services from the Bay Cove Treatment Center can self-refer directly, or connect with us through a referral agent.

Contact: Betty Bredin, Program Director
Phone: 617-371-3040