CASPAR FirstStep

Our FirstStep Street Outreach program offers life-saving alternatives to unsheltered homeless men and women who are affected by substance abuse, mental illness and medical complications associated with life on the streets. FirstStep staff engage homeless people where they are in the community, and build trusting relationships. The goal is to promote human dignity, connect people with the services they need, and save a life today so that recovery is possible tomorrow.

Through a combination of foot teams and mobile teams in vans, our staff travel to known spots with high concentrations of homeless individuals in Cambridge— including business districts, subway stations, parks, meal programs, and drop-in centers—seeking unsheltered men and women who may need help. The staff offers these individuals access to emergency medical and psychiatric care, meal programs, shelters, substance abuse treatment, and daytime drop-in and social service centers.

FirstStep staff responds to calls from members of the public, business owners, hospitals, and the police when these community members encounter homeless individuals who appear to be in need of assistance. Street outreach plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of the community and providing less expensive alternatives to police stations and hospitals.

Our FirstStep services are made possible, in part, by generous grant funding from The Cummings Foundation and Life Science Cares. All of us at CASPAR appreciate these organizations' support of vital, life-saving services for our unsheltered neighbors in Cambridge.

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To contact a member of the FirstStep team, please call 617-592-6895