Child and Family Services

Our Child & Family Services promote the physical, mental and emotional development of children, and offer parents and family members the supports they need to help their children thrive and succeed as they reach developmental milestones.

Our Early Intervention (EI) program serves children under three years of age who are developmentally delayed, have a known disabling condition, or who are at risk of developmental delays due to biological or environmental factors. Services are provided in the children’s homes, in the community and at our EI program site, the Daniel C. Boynton Child Development Center at 105 Victory Rd. in Dorchester.

Located in the same building, the Small Wonders Nursery School serves children from 16-36 months of age and utilizes a state-of-the-art facility and a high educator-to-child ratio to provide exceptional early childhood education for children with and without disabilities. Small Wonders also includes a specialized full-time childcare program for children who have been impacted by trauma and/or neglect, which integrates EI services into its curriculum.


Early Intervention Program

Since 1976, Bay Cove’s Early Intervention (EI) program has served children under three years of age, who are developmentally delayed, or have a known disabling condition, or are at risk of developmental delays due to biological or environmental factors.


Small Wonders Nursery School

The Small Wonders Nursery School provides exceptionally high-quality early childhood education for children 16-36 months of age from Dorchester and surrounding communities.


Rosaline and Nasir’s story


Rosaline was referred to Bay Cove’s Early Intervention program a month after her son, Nasir, was born. The family qualified for services because of a variety of risk factors, including a turbulent and unsettled home environment. Rosaline, a survivor of domestic violence, was taking the prescription medication suboxone while pregnant with Nasir, which can lead to developmental delays in newborns. The family also lost everything in a fire, and spent time living with family in a cramped apartment.

In Nasir’s first year, they received weekly visits in their home from EI staff, where mom, baby and clinician engaged in play activities that measured Nasir’s gross motor skills (sitting, pulling up, crawling) and fine motor skills (grabbing, feeding himself), speech and social skills. At the same time, our clinicians worked with Rosaline on the parenting skills needed for baby’s first year. The result was a happy and active child who successfully hit all of his developmental milestones in his first six months, and a family on a path to success.

I’m so grateful for the help we’ve received. The work the EI staff did with Nasir reassured me so much, and helped me cope with my anxiety as a parent. They explained everything, so I feel like I knew what to do to make sure he’s developing as he should. The therapists helped me gain more confidence in my decisions as a parent, and helped me make sure Nasir gets the attention he needs. They’ve been like family to us!
— Rosaline