Day Services

Bay Cove provides a comprehensive range of day services that focus on education, community integration, employment support and skill development for persons with developmental disabilities. All of our day programs provide a safe and supportive environment to help participants learn to take charge of their lives and become more active in their communities. Although each program provides a structured daily schedule, we emphasize the importance of personal choice and accommodate each person's individual needs as required.

Our day programs—located in program sites in Charlestown and the South End—are designed to appropriately support persons with varying levels of developmental disability and concurrent mental illness.


Our Day Habilitation program (South End) is designed to provide habilitative services for people with developmental disabilities, and features full-day nursing and personal care supports, communication skill building, and sensory integration supports. Supports are provided in the following service need areas: independent living, social development, sensorimotor development, effective development, behavior development, self-help, and communication. The program also offers opportunities to participate in exercise, the arts, and the local community.

To qualify for Day Habilitation Services, a person must have a diagnosis of intellectual disability or developmental disability and must need, and benefit from, services to improve his or her independent functioning. Supports are provided by skilled professionals and paraprofessionals in the disciplines of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and expressive therapy.

Employment Programs

Employment is a key focus of a number of Bay Cove’s day services. Center House Enterprises (South End) and City Square Employment Supports (Charlestown) are employment preparation programs designed to help people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness to develop community and employment skills. The programs provides social skills building, job training, practical job experience at worksites in the community, and job placement supports. Our Supported Employment program (South End) takes things to the next level, assisting clients with resume preparation, job interview skills training, and—once a participant becomes employed—offering one-on-one job coaching at the worksite and liaison services with the individual’s employer.

Community Based Day Supports

At both program locations, Community Based Day Supports offer individuals a series of planned, coordinated and goal-oriented activities designed to develop and improve community, safety, life, social and employment skills, while promoting independence. Services are tailored to each participant’s highly individualized goals, and include educational classes, community outings, employment training, volunteering opportunities, expressive therapies, social and life skills classes, health and nutrition classes, cooking groups and exercise programs. 

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