Housing Services


Bay Cove helps connect seniors and/or disabled adults with subsidized housing for individuals and couples in six locations throughout Boston. For information about the various buildings (including eligibility requirements and application processes) please contact us.


Contact: Anne Jarvis, Director of Congregate Housing for Seniors
Phone: 617-282-0126
Email: ajarvis@baycove.org


Bay Cove operates time-limited, subsidized housing for homeless men. The goal is to place residents into safe and affordable permanent housing. We also provide case management, housing search, and stabilization services to the individuals in this program.  

Contact/referral Info

Location: 316 Huntington Ave, Boston (at the YMCA)
Referrals: This program accepts referrals from shelters in Boston, and other programs operated by Bay Cove.   Contact: Alex Bettencourt, Program Director
Email: abettencourt@baycove.org

Permanent Supportive Housing

Bay Cove operates three Permanent Supportive Housing Programs for formerly homeless individuals in Metro Boston. We do not take referrals for these programs directly, however--persons wishing to apply for these programs must go through the referral pool for the funding agency. These agencies are:

● The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

● The Boston Department of Neighborhood Development Coordinated Access System 

● Massachusetts DHCD Coordinated Entry 

● HomeStart's Vacancy Clearinghouse