Long Term Support Services

Bay Cove's Long Term Support Services (LTSS) work with individuals with a variety of differing needs, offering a range of ongoing services. LTSS serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, elders, and their families, offering supports that foster each person's independence, wellness, and full participation in all aspects of life.

Bay Cove provides a caring community in which people with long-term support needs can achieve a full, rich life. Our continuum of support includes a wide range of residential, educational, social connection and employment options. Our goal is to assist each individual in making self-directed choices which lead to houses that are homes, jobs that become fulfilling careers, and days and lives that are meaningful.

Examples of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Case management

  • Safe and enriching environments

  • Health and wellness facilitation and management

  • Day services

  • Home, personal, behavioral, employment, recreational and social skills development and management

  • Individual planning and goal setting

  • Budget and medication-oversight assistance

  • Medical case management

  • Coordination of health and psychiatric care with individualized training and planning

  • 24-hour consultation with nursing staff

  • Supportive and educative counseling

  • 24-hour emergency support

  • Subsidy management

  • In-home day programming

  • Transportation

  • Community Integration and Education

  • Employment placement and support

  • Speech and Language, Occupational and Physical Therapies

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Residential Services

Bay Cove operates dozens of community residential programs throughout Greater Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.


Day Services

Bay Cove provides a comprehensive range of day services that focus on education, community integration, employment support and skill development for persons with developmental disabilities.


Supported Living

Bay Cove offers supports to adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities who live independently, as well as to families looking to enhance independence and opportunities for loved ones with a disability living in the family home.


Adult Day Health

Our Adult Day Health (ADH) programs offer individualized health, wellness, and social supports to seniors who may require nursing treatment or monitoring—supports designed to help them live independently in their home as they age.


Monica’s Story


When Monica first began working with our City Square Employment Services (CSES) in Charlestown, staff recall her as being quite shy and quiet, but also determined to gain the increased independence that comes with securing employment. With the help of CSES job coaches, Monica landed a secretarial position that she succeeded at, and which bolstered her confidence—so much so that she found her voice, and joined an advocacy group (Massachusetts Advocates Standing Strong) that speaks to state legislators about the needs of the disabled. Three years ago, Monica also decided that she wanted more hours than she was getting at her job, and applied for and got her current job—working at the gift shop of the New England Aquarium. Her job coaches conduct quarterly job reviews, where they routinely hear what a joy it is to have Monica as part of the team--her co-workers have even taken to calling her “Monica Sunshine” because of her bright demeanor. Monica takes justifiable pride in all she’s achieved, and continues to strive to achieve even more.

In my job, I greet customers and help them find what they need. I enjoy it, because the people I work with are very nice, and you get to see so many different people every day. I used to be shy, but I just got out of that eventually, and now I smile a lot. I work 4-5 days a week—I prefer it to sitting at home. I like making money and paying my bills! [CSES] has been such a big help—they help you find the best jobs.
— Monica