We all want to live a meaningful life.

For 45 years we’ve been helping our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Many of the 25,000 men, women, and children we serve deal with major life challenges, like addiction, homelessness, developmental disabilities, or mental illness.

With the right supports, these incredible people get to live full, rich lives. They, and all of us, experience winning when it looked like they were going to lose.

At Bay Cove, we squeeze maximum value out of every dollar we receive.

People familiar with non-profit organizations are often surprised that we’re able to run 175 programs across Southeastern Massachusetts with an annual budget of $100M. 

While we receive public funding for some of our programs, private donations ensure we can fulfill on our mission of providing local people with services that bring meaning to their lives.

We have a responsibility to take care of people, particularly as we make more money. When I changed careers from social work to real estate, my relationship with Bay Cove took on more meaning. I still get to fulfill on my desire and commitment to take care of people.
— Jane Donnelly, Board Member, Western Mass

And, We never forget we’re dealing with someone’s family member.

Part of our approach is to address the specific needs of each individual we serve. Every person we serve is a unique human being, with different circumstances, challenges, and goals for their future.

At Bay Cove, we’re not interested in people simply surviving. We believe everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams.

We’ve been quietly doing good work for over 40 years in the Boston area—and with your help, we’re ready for 40 more.


 Where your money goes

90 cents out of every dollar we receive goes towards direct services.

Here’s a little more info on the tangible impact of your donation:

  • $2,500 provides 12 months of therapeutic toddler care in our Early Intervention program

  • $500 buys a tablet for a nonverbal person with developmental disabilities

  • $250 provides a day of inpatient detox for someone beginning their recovery at Andrew House

  • $25 pays for infant formula for new mothers recovering from opioid addiction

  • $10 buys a blanket for a person experiencing homelessness

I grew up in a culture that defined a good life as including service to others, not just myself. My wife and I love what Bay Cove stands for and what people do. Getting connected with Bay Cove snapped me back to the broader perspective of what some local people deal with on a daily basis.
— Bill Maffie, Board Member, Quincy Ma

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Donations made by clicking on any the specific programs above will be earmarked exclusively to support that program.

This includes donations made to CASPAR, which is part of Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.

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Ways Companies & Foundations Can Give

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Donate by Mail

Please print and complete this donation form and mail it to:

Bay Cove Human Services
Development Department
66 Canal Street
Boston, MA 02114

Donate by Phone

To donate by phone or for help with your donation, please call 617-619-5930 to speak with a member of our Development Office.

Tax Information

Bay Cove Human Services is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

Contributions to Bay Cove Human Services are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Bay Cove’s tax identification number is XYZ.