Bay Cove Named a Community Partner in MassHealth Revamp

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This spring, MassHealth (health insurer for the vast majority of the individuals served by Bay Cove) implemented a long-planned conversion to a Managed Care system for the approximately one million Medicaid recipients in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. On March 1, eligible participants had the responsibility for their total healthcare moved to one of 17 new Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that were awarded contracts across the state. For about 65,000 of those individuals with the most complex needs, an additional level of service is now offered by a Behavioral Health Community Partner (BH-CP) or Long Term Support Services Community Partner (LTSS-CP), who work in conjunction with the ACOs to provide care coordination and care management services.

Bay Cove Human Services was selected by the Commonwealth as one of the organizations to take on the vital role of Community Partner. To that end, the agency has partnered with fellow human services provider Vinfen to form two brand-new entities: Community Care Partners LLC (CCP) and LTSS Care Partners LLC (LTSSCP), both of which now serve clients throughout most of Eastern Massachusetts. Bay Cove and Vinfen are organizations with similar missions, and this partnership combines the breadth and scope of the two agencies. These two new LLCs have also engaged other agencies to take on complimentary roles, serving specialty populations and/or specific geographical regions. (For more information about these new entities, please visit

CCP serves as the Management Company for both LLCs, and has added talented staff before and since the start of service on June 1. Additionally, Bay Cove has formed a number of new Care Management teams, hiring approximately 70 new staff to fill these new positions. The new staff have helped Bay Cove as it continues to add to its existing client base, providing care management to a large number of people who are currently receiving services from other agencies and health care providers. 

The development of these new entities sees Bay Cove continuing to solidify its place at the cutting-edge of human services and behavioral healthcare. This system-wide conversion for MassHealth represents a sea change in the management and delivery of Medicaid services in Massachusetts, and Bay Cove is proud to have been recognized for its longstanding dedication to innovation while providing the highest quality services, and to have been chosen as one of the agencies to lead this major new initiative.

This new system of managed care is extraordinarily complex—even for those with many years of experience working in this field. As these changes continue to unfold, Bay Cove will be sharing many more specific details about systemic changes, and information about new services that arise from those changes. For now, however, the agency is excited about the opportunity to work with the ACOs in Eastern Massachusetts, and to help shape the delivery of services to some of the most vulnerable members of the Commonwealth in the years to come.

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