Our Mission

Bay Cove Human Services partners with people to overcome challenges and realize personal potential.


To carry out the Bay Cove mission by providing individualized and compassionate services for people facing the challenges associated with developmental disabilities, mental illness, homelessness, aging-related needs and/or drug and alcohol addiction.


We believe that everyone has value. We especially welcome those individuals other organizations are unable to help - persons with multiple diagnoses, a history of treatment failures and a total inability to pay for services.

Our services are outcome-focused, individualized and designed to build on the strengths of the whole person.

We recognize that we can best honor the dignity of all individuals by helping them to make their own choices as they seek independence, wellness and a better quality of life.

The strength of our services relies on the talents and expertise of our staff. We provide exemplary staff training and professional development opportunities, understanding that ongoing learning is essential to quality improvement.

Our organization's leadership makes use of a participatory management style that includes input from staff throughout the agency and fosters an affirmative work environment, where open communication, honesty, professionalism, teamwork, and integrity are key.

We work in close partnership with the individuals and families we serve. Our commitment to working in partnership extends to our neighbors, affiliated organizations, our funding sources, and the larger community.

We operate all of our programs in a fiscally responsible manner. This practice guarantees the financial health and stability of our organization and ensures that client services will be maintained at a highly professional level.