Our Story

Bay Cove Human Services began in 1974 as a single program—Andrew House, a medically-supervised alcohol detoxification unit. In the nearly 45 years since, the agency has expanded its services to include a wider continuum of treatment options for people with substance use disorder, as well as programs for individuals challenged by intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness, aging, homelessness, or some combination of all of the above. Today, Bay Cove encompasses more than 170 program locations throughout Greater Boston/southeastern Massachusetts, employing a staff of over 2,000 human service professionals.

Over the years, Bay Cove has merged with a number of other smaller non-profits, including Kit Clark Senior Services in Dorchester, Center House in Boston, and CASPAR (Cambridge and Somerville Programs for Addiction Recovery) to help the agency fulfill its mission of partnering with people to overcome challenges and realize personal potential.

The agency continues to grow today, with Bay Cove recently having launched a brand new division dedicated to care management of clients affected by the state’s move to a new managed care system. As a founding member of Community Care Partners, LLC, Bay Cove is excited to be one of the agency leaders in this sea change for providers and consumers, while continuing to provide its special brand of individualized services to thousands of people, one person at a time.