Residential Services

Bay Cove operates dozens of community residential programs throughout Greater Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our dedicated residential teams provide highly individualized 24-hour supports to those living in Bay Cove homes, with a strong emphasis on community integration and independent living skills.

People who live in Bay Cove houses can expect to find a safe and comforting environment, in which all housemates participate in setting the culture of each residence through discussion, action, practices and routines. Each person is encouraged to be as involved as they wish in the decorating, menu planning, and daily scheduling of their home. Bay Cove has the expertise to successfully support people with multilayered challenges, such as those with high medical and/or behavioral needs and/or psychiatric, medical, and physical disabilities.

To qualify for admission to a Bay Cove group residence, applicants must:

  • Be 22 years or older

  • Meet the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) eligibility requirements

  • Qualify for rental subsidies (if applicable)

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Contact: Anthony Demers
Phone: 617-371-3058