Bay Cove Speakers’ Bureau

The Bay Cove Speakers’ Bureau is an initiative that utilizes the agency’s own greatest resource—its extraordinary staff—to serve as an informational resource for Boston and the surrounding communities.

The Speakers’ Bureau is committed to providing information about our services, building stronger connections between Bay Cove and the communities in which we serve our clients, and, at the same time, demystifying the world of “human services” and dispelling the misconceptions about the people we serve.

Whether you represent a church, trade group or other organization looking for information about an issue of importance to your community; or you live in a neighborhood that’s home to a Bay Cove program and want to know more about what we do, the Bay Cove Speakers’ Bureau is ready, willing and able to come to you and offer a stimulating and informational presentation.

For more information about scheduling a presentation, please e-mail