Bay Cove Human Services has a unique training model, which is based on the premise that specific training requirements are associated with each job description. Because training is an important part of each person’s professional development, a training attendance report is included in each person’s performance evaluation.

At Bay Cove, training begins with a mandatory orientation during the first two days of employment, followed by a series of core competencies. Newly hired supervisors are also enrolled in an eight-session basic management course. Overall, the agency’s training catalog includes more than 70 course offerings—with topics ranging from Human Rights and Safety Training to Preventing Transmission of Infectious Diseases, CPR, Computer Training and many more—which are available online, on site, and in classroom settings.

PREVENT Training

Bay Cove has also designed its own state-certified training for professionals who work with individuals with behavioral issues. The PREVENT training is offered to organizations in two formats:

Predict, PREVENT, and Protect (2-day training)

This training consists of 12 hours of instruction in techniques and strategies designed to help students recognize and respond to situations of escalating behavior in adults and children. Emphasis is placed on defusing situations and maintaining safety through verbal de-escalation, awareness of body language, and strategic positioning. When firmer interventions are indicated, techniques are taught to manage the situation in an effective and non-restrictive manner. All techniques comply with state regulations regarding the principles of positive behavioral supports.

PREVENT With Protective Holdings (4-day training)

This training consists of 16 hours of instruction. In addition to the strategies described in the Predict, PREVENT and Protect course, this course includes safe compassionate Protective Holdings Techniques. These comply with state regulations regarding the principles of positive behavioral supports.

For further information about using PREVENT training within your organization, please contact Donald Rankins at or 617-371-3057.