Visit A Bay Cove Program

One of the best ways that our community of supporters can assist in the Bay Cove mission of helping people overcome challenges and realize their personal potential is by being vocal advocates for the agency, spreading the word about Bay Cove to family, friends and colleagues. However, we’re aware that it can sometimes be a challenge to eloquently convey all the things that an agency as large and diverse as Bay Cove does on a daily basis.

That’s why we recommend that fans of Bay Cove treat themselves—as well as anyone unfamiliar with our agency—to something that explains our work better than any well-rehearsed speech or written material ever could: a Bay Cove Program Visit, where you can experience it for yourself!

Visits to many of the agency’s more than 170 programs, led by Vice President of Development David Hirschberg, happen at regularly scheduled intervals and can also be scheduled by appointment.

Joe Ailinger, of Bay Cove’s Board of Directors, says that touring Bay Cove’s residences for individuals with mental illness helped him walk away with a greater personal perspective on the agency’s mission. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then being there in person must be worth a million,” he remarked. “I’m certainly not a mental health expert after a 90-minute visit, but the next time the topic comes up, I’m going to see the faces of the staff and residents I met at these houses. And that’s a good thing.”

“Over the years, I have visited eight Bay Cove programs,” said longtime agency supporter and board member Sally Thompson. “Each program visit is an impressive, eye-opening, heartwarming experience, and a reminder of a remarkably big-hearted organization with committed employees.”

If you would like to visit a Bay Cove program, meet our dedicated staff members and some of the truly amazing individuals that we’re privileged to serve, please contact David Hirschberg at 617-371-3167 or