Addiction Services

Substance use disorder is a disease that takes a terrible toll on those afflicted with it, as well as their families and support systems. Bay Cove specializes in providing a continuum of substance use disorder services, including detoxification, short-term residential programming, individual and group counseling, and outpatient treatment for opiate addiction.

We design and operate our programs with the understanding that addiction is a medical condition and that with effective, long-term treatment tailored to individual needs, people with alcohol and/or drug addiction can recover and lead productive lives.

The ultimate goal of addiction treatment is to enable an individual to achieve lasting abstinence, but the immediate goals are to reduce drug use, improve a patient's ability to function and minimize the medical and social complications of substance use disorder.


Andrew House Treatment Centers

Bay Cove's Andrew House Treatment Centers are acute treatment facilities that provide medically monitored services to men over 18 years old who need short-term detoxification from alcohol, benzodiazepines, heroin, and other opiates.


New Hope Transitional Support Services

New Hope is a 60-bed short-term residential Transitional Support Services (TSS) program for men and women with substance use disorder, located in Weymouth.


Bay Cove Treatment Center

The Bay Cove Treatment Center is an addiction treatment center focusing on opiate addicted clients.


CASPAR FirstStep

Our FirstStep Street Outreach program offers life-saving alternatives to unsheltered homeless men and women who are affected by substance use disorders, mental illness and medical complications associated with life on the streets.


CASPAR Emergency Services Center & Shelter

The CASPAR Emergency Services Center (ESC) is a shelter that accepts people who are using drugs and alcohol and are homeless.

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CASPAR Residential Recovery Services

Our residential programs are designed to help individuals maintain sobriety while developing skills they'll need when they transition to the "real world."


CASPAR Aftercare Services

Our aftercare services offer continued support to participants who have "graduated" out of our residential programs, helping them as they progress further on their path to recovery.


Michelle’s story

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At 21, Michelle had her own apartment, a psychology degree and a promising future. But she lost it all when she became addicted to alcohol and opiates. After several attempts at detox, Michelle found Bay Cove, where she was challenged to fight for her sobriety, and given the tools, techniques and support she needed. Today, she’s been clean and sober for five years, and is now employed as a Case Manager at our New Hope program, helping others receive the life-changing services she did.

At Bay Cove, I was exposed to a positive way of life in a comforting and safe environment, and my counselors helped me by giving me respect, by having expectations of me, and providing me the structure I needed to get well. They reconnected me to who I was before my addiction. Now, I’m working to help others—working for the moment when I stop seeing the disease in someone’s eyes, and start seeing the hope. I’ve been where they were, and I’ve come a long way. Today is pretty amazing.
— Michelle